How to get to Modrave?

THE COMMUTE TO MODRAVE will be arranged with every group or persons individually. In case you are arriving by plane we suggest the ZADAR airport, and in case you are coming by bus or car, instructions follow.

You need to arrive to DRAGE PAKOŠTANSKE ON SUNDAY BETWEEN 13:00 and 15:00. During that time we will come pick you up on the bus station in Drage. If you are arriving by car, the time of arrival is the same.

Drage Pakoštanske are a smallish fishing village. Hence, the most affordable option is to buy a two-way ticket for Drage (or Pirovac) and after Biograd na moru (for those who are arriving from the North) or after Vodice (for those arriving from the South), ask the driver to stop for you on the bus stop in Drage. In both cases wait for us until we come pick you up. You will probably see other participants at the place where you will be waiting.On the way back, after a week, the departure is also from Drage.

HAVE LUNCH! While you wait, if you have time, have lunch because on Modrave your first meal will be the supper around 7pm.

NO ONE CAME TO PICK YOU UP? In the case that it has passed 4pm and no one has come to pick you up, call 091/4803-006 and we will come pick you up wherever you might be (please, don’t call this number unnecessarily).

In case you’re coming from Zagreb, when buying the ticket, ask which busses go to Pirovac and stop at Drage Pakoštanske. We suggest you take the following carriers: Croatiabus, AP Varaždin, Autotransport Šibenik because they offer the best route on your return to Zagreb.

We recommend that you don’t buy the bus tickets for Larus Zadar and Samoborček because they don’t have an acceptable route which drives on the way back. In case you’re coming from a smaller town, check if you have a bus line for your direction on Saturday around noon and in the afternoon.

For all questions contact us at: